Concept and storyboard for a video about Wikipedia Authorship:

Ralf finishes reading a book, takes out a puzzle part from it, looks to the floor full of other pieces, finds no place for this one, puts it in his backpack and gathers all the other pieces in his backpack, locks it and gets out of the house to the library. There he reads a book, takes another puzzle part and puts it in his backpack, goes to another one and does the same. We see these scenes repeatedly. His backpack gets bigger and heavier and he becomes exhausted. On the street Ana sees him and asks if he is doing fine, no, Ralf says. He shows her the backpack and tells the story. He looks tired and desperate. They ride to Ana’s place. Ana says it might help if he shares parts of puzzles in Wikipedia. Ralf is skeptical and wonders if it is possible for everybody to become a Wikipedia Author till Ana shows him how easy and reliable it is and how it can solve his problems. So Ralf opens up his backpack and gives her one of the puzzle parts reluctantly. After they put it on Wikipedia to Ralf’s surprise, some links appear and other parts of puzzles come together. Ralf shares other pieces more and more eagerly. Many parts come together and the backpack gets empty. He walks with free hands down the street feeling happy and relived.