Creative Memories

Cooperation with Ana Daldon and Sergio Valenzuela-Valdes in frame of Communications-Hubs 2015/16 a program by Forschungsservice und Nachwuchsförderung, Universität Wien

“Creating memories” is an observational project that attempts to engage a number of individuals to monitor their memories in an artistic approach using a combination of techniques from art, design and applied sciences. Our aim is to imagine, construct and articulate together the memories of some individuals through real experiences. That is, to create situations, which reveal the memories, observe these moments, and collect facts and the associated emotions and images with the memories. The aim is to build creative narratives and visualisations in a collaborative manner in order to communicate those events as a network of events connected to each other. The project is an interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary collaboration across our Art & Science background as well as our praxis and theory dialogue, understanding both as essential parts of the creative process on a “we-mode-live”. Our planned research methodology takes place within a time frame of one year with one or a team of external people to develop the project together through frequent meetings and workshops. Thus, one can understand “creating memories” as a logbook or live diary, where we set up experiences with our guests and develop visualisations in a unique timeline, which connects a variety of real-life events and situations between the borders of the disciplines. As part of the project’s outcomes, we plan to establish an online multi-media platform as a database to collect information around the creation process, whereas the resulting construct of memories and visualisations by itself serves as a unique work of art and science. The ideas that we plan to pursue in the framework of this proposal further develop the projects that we presented in our Art & Science diplomas at Vienna University of Applied Arts, which now in combination construct a communication science project from the field of arts.