Your Portrait in the lab

A drawing-based investigation

As part of the Portrait in the lab project presented in virtual exhibition MAY I INTRODUCE: ALIEN exhibition I designed an investigation to interact with the audience, which is still going on. Please follow the instructions below step by step:

Step 1: Imagine that you are entering a Life Science Laboratory. Scientists are working at their desks, looking into their microscopes. You see an empty desk reserved for you. But your name on the tag is misspelled. Make a note of your misspelled name on the center of an A4 paper.

Step 2: There is a microscope on your table. You look into the microscope and you find that the image you are looking at is out of focus. Make a sketch of the blurry image on another A4 paper.

Step 3: Then you try to bring the image in focus. As it gets clear you realize that you are looking at an image of yourself under the microscope. Now sketch what you see on another A4 paper.

Step 4: You ask others what they see under their microscopes and understand that they all look at fish larvae. You take a sample of fish larvae and put it under your own microscope. Sketch what you see now on another A4 paper.

Step 5: Now you go back to your room, scan or take photos of your drawings one by one and email them to, so we can publish it here.

You are complementing our study. Thank you in advance for your participation.