Solmaz Farhang (*1982) is a visual artist-researcher and illustrator. She is a graduate of University of Applied Arts Vienna and is currently based in London. Farhang works across multiple disciplines. Her practice materialises in many forms, including multimedia installations, 360-degree animation, photography and stop-motion videos. Winning the Joseph Binder Award in 2018 is one of the latest highlights in her career. Solmaz Farhang has exhibited her works in several shows at the Academy of Fine Arts Krakow (2018), Natural History Museum of Vienna (2018), University of Applied Arts (as art director, 2018), Raumschiff Linz (2017 & 2016), Kunstlerhause Vienna (2015), Museumsquartier (2014). Besides working as an artist, Solmaz Farhang is codirecting an interdisciplinary science communication programme (IllustrationHub) in collaboration with University of Applied Arts and University of Vienna since 2016. Drawings of Solmaz Farhang has been published in picture books such as The Shadow (H.C. Anderson, 2016) and Mr. Pomeranz learns to laugh (text by Maria Linschinger, 2018). The latest has been awarded in the Joseph Binder Award 2018. About her works and her interdisciplinary approaches she has held talks and workshops at University of Applied Arts Vienna, Angewandte Inovation Lab (AIL) and Design Austria.

Photo by © Maximilian Salzer