How to become an island – THE BOOTCAMP

Solo exhibition with DTAFA at FORUMSTADTPARK, Graz, Austria

11/05 – 07/06/2024

Like many other bodies of water, the River Mur has been shaped by conflicting interests of humans and other species. Yet the co-existence of all its inhabitants is woven together by their common fates. “We become with each other or not at all” says Donna Haraway, acknowledging the interconnectedness of our shared ecosystems. Thus, in order to survive and thrive together new relationships with other entities are to be imagined. What would it take to make your body available for the survival and needs of another species?

Decades of river regulations by and for humans resulted in a decline of natural habitats for birds like the Little Ringed Plover. In THE BOOTCAMP edition, visitors are invited to transform their bodies and minds, while working through a series of physical and mental training units in order to become a suitable breeding ground for a tiny bird species.

The Danube Transformation Agency for Agency (DTAFA / di:tafa) provides services and mediations between species. The agency formed in 2020 as an ecofeminist collective of five artists and designers, consisting now of Solmaz Farhang, Alexandra Fruhstorfer, Ege Kökel, Lena Violetta Leitner.

Opening: 10/5/2024
Visiting hours: 11/5–7/6/2024, Tues–Fr 2–6 pm 

Part of aktuelle kunst in Graz, Galerientage 2024
Curated by Markus Waitschacher

Danube Transformation Agency for Agency
Instagram: @transformationagencyforagency