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  • Angewandte festival

    EXHIBITION – Angewandte Festival With DTAFA presenting “woodiana.today” at the Angewandte Festival. 27.6.- 30.6.2023

  • Exhibition at ETIUDA&ANIMA, Krakow, Poland

    THE MIRRORED UNIVERSE an installation by Margit Busch and Solmaz Farhang, participating in the category between the media at Etiuda&Anima festival. Date: November 22-25 November 2018 Location: Krakow, Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Plac Jana Matejki 13 Links: Etiuda&Anima 2018 Art and Science GLOBART Austrian Cultural Forum in Krakow Video on Vimeo

  • Our Place in Space exhibition at NHM

      Opening of “Our Place in Space” exhibition at Natural History Museum of Vienna. Margit Busch and I participated with our multi media installation THE MIRRORED UNIVERSE. My thanks goes to Prof. Virgil Widrich and Nemanja Popadic at Artscience department of the University of Applied Arts Vienna,  Dr. Heidemeier Donber and Hans Hoffer from GLOBART,…

  • COLABOR ArtScience

      Colabor ArtScience exhibition is the result of my IllustrationHub workshops with a group of artists and scientists in frame of WTZ Ost. IllustrationHub 2018 was a cooperation project between University of Applied Arts Vienna and University of Vienna.   Concept and development: Solmaz Farhang University of Vienna: Tobias Reckling and Lilli Mahdalik University of Applied Arts Vienna:…

  • “Der Schatten” at BIB 2017

    My  illustrated book “Der Schatten” published by Bibliothek der Provinz is presented with other illustrators from Austria at the 26. Biennial of Illustration Bratislava. Maria Weinhofer has written a report about it at Werbe Monitor magazine in Dezember 2017 issue.