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  • How to become an island – THE BOOTCAMP

    How to become an island – THE BOOTCAMP, Solo exhibition with DTAFA at FORUMSTADTPARK, Graz, Austria 11/5 – 7/6/2024 Curated by Markus Waitschacher.
    Opening: 10/5/2024
    Visiting hours: 11/5–7/6/2024, Tues–Fr 2–6 pm 

    Part of aktuelle kunst in Graz, Galerientage 2024
    Curated by Markus Waitschacher

  • Book release

    Herr Pomeranz lernt lachen Date of publication: 13. November 2018 Publishing house: Bibliothek der Provinz Maria Linschinger (Eliskases), Solmaz Farhang ISBN: 978-3-99028-752-1 21 x 15 cm, 40 S., zahlr. Abb.: vierf., Hardcover € 20,00 Order online at:  Bibliothek der Provinz AMAZON