How to become an island

in collaboration with (DTAFA) Alexandra Fruhstorter, Ege Kökel, Lena Violetta Leitner, Andrea Palašti

Scientific Advisors and Experts: Matthias Schmidt (Bird Life), Gertrude Haidvogel (BOKU), Brigitte Schmidt (BOKU), Hubert Keckeis (University of Vienna)

This project is kindly supported by NoviSad 2022, the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport Austria, Bildrecht GmbH and Austrian Cultural Forum.

preparation cocktail to endure the long hours of remaining still! In the framework of NS2022, the Danube Transformation Agency for Agency will guide you safely through the process of How to become an island for a Danubian bird species – the Little Ringed Plover.

For decades the Danubian River banks were shaped for the needs of humans alone. The regulation of the river promised control – for the production of power and for the prevention of flooding. But this did not serve all critters equally well, including the Little Ringed Plover. The loss of habitats due to the river regulations made the birds’ population decline.

DTAFA – the Danube Transformation Agency for Agency – provides services and actions in order to mediate between species. The experimental agency develops a step by step training program that enables human beach goers to become an island for the Little Ringed Plover. Join our explorations to become a breeding ground for this migratory bird during their seasonal stay in Novi Sad.

From 22nd – 31st of July visitors of NS22 and casual beachgoers are invited to learn more about the pilot program and try out some of the training units while enjoying Danubian refreshments at DTAFA’s pop-up booth. Come by and embody the restoration of the bird’s habitat with us!