Experimental online forecast service with DTAFA (Danube Transformation Agency for Agency). DTAFA is Solmaz Farhang, Alexandra FruhstorferEge Kökel, Lena Violetta Leitner, and Andrea Palašti, a collective of 5 interdisciplinary artists and designers working together since 2020.

  • Web design consultant: Vanja Novaković
  • Web development: Sanja AnđelkovićJovana PešićLuka Lopičić
  • Data scientist: Stefana Janićijević
  • Scientific consultation and review: dr Maja Raković and dr Stoimir Kolarević, Institute for Biological Research “Siniša Stanković” National Institute of Republic of Serbia, Department of Hydroecology and Water Protection, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Production: Center for the Promotion of Science, Belgrade, Serbia – within the project European Artificial Intelligence Lab – AI Lab 2021.

Ask Woodiana >> woodiana.today 

Screen shots form woodiana.today

Woodiana.today is an experimental online forecast service developed to save the Danube’s future through speculative fabulation. It is run by Woodiana, a freshwater mussel of the species Sinanodonta woodiana, that was introduced from China, and today she is facilitated by her international team of artists and scientists.

Woodiana uses the latest AI technology to predict the concentration of pollutants in the surface water which then influence her motion, leaving us with some dazzling patterns in the sand like secret symbols. Based on these temporal motion patterns, Woodiana’s speculative forecast bureau – the Woodiana.today, investigates a portfolio of scenarios as reactions to anticipated environmental emergencies that the river Danube might expect in the future.

Woodiana.today reports on the current and upcoming status of the Anthropocene and sketches a variety of speculative futures of the Danubian region. Woodiana.today has been heavily informed by science and scientific water data but interprets it through a dialogue with other agents: economics, politics, art, theory, ai technology, history, speculative fiction, and the role that Danube had played for different cultures as a totemic, spiritual, military and ecological touchstone. But to really understand how Woodiana.today delivers the forecasts, we need to enter the world of Woodiana, we need to dive into the river, search for her trails, and to consult freshwater biologists, ecologists and data scientists. Read more at the backstage page of Woodiana.Today!

Movement monitoring of Sianodonta woodiana mussels at the Center of Promotion of Science, Belgrade, Serbia

Live horizontal and vertical movement monitoring of Sinanodonta woodiana mussels in relation to lighting. The experiment is carried out in an improvised laboratory – a research microstation at the Center for the Promotion of Science, at Kralja Petra 46, Belgrade. Installation developed with Mirjana Utvic and Bojan Kenig, CPN.
The experiment is being realized by the Center for the Promotion of Science in cooperation with the online service woodiana.today within the art + science 2021 program “Worlds of Artificial Intelligence”, held from September 23 until October 23, 2021.