Installation accompanied by CARE:AOKE participatory event. A new iteration of HOW TO BECOME AN ISLAND?

DTAFA’s solo show, Q21 Schauraum, MuseumsQuartier Vienna (AT), April 2023

Curation: Ruth Schnell, Tommy Schneider


What would it mean to provide our bodies to the survival and needs of another species?

Hovering between distant curiosity and radical affection the Danube Transformation Agency for Agency (DTAFA) opened their bodies and hearts to a small Danubian bird species: the Little Ringed Plover.

2023 DTAFA was invited to a solo exhibition at the Q21 showroom in the MuseumsQuartier Vienna.
With DTAFA we transformed the HOW TO BECOME AN ISLAND? participatory installation presented in Novi Sad in 2022, into a showroom set up, where the 4-step training course to become an island for the Little Ringed Plover was advertised to the passersby in Museum Quartier of Viena. The various steps were advertised on 4 screens, while love letters to the bird ran across an LED panel. At the audio station, visitors were listen to some facts about Little Ringed Plover mating and breeding habits in an interview with Markus Schmidt, our bird ecologist collaborator, and listen to DTAFA’s standing still training instructions and FAQs.

Click and listen to standing still instruction and FAQs on HOW TO BECOME AN ISLAND.



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Supported by: Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien (Digitale Kunst), Kulturkommission Neubau

Photos by: Sarah Franzl