and the Practice of Staying with Each OtherThe Goose Game

a participatory installation with DTAFA at Kunsthalle Exnergasse WUK, Vienna, Austria

Curated by Natalia Gurova, Rafael Lippuner, adO/Aptive
 Office Ukraine, and MŰTŐ

Exhibition photos by Wolfgang Thaler

‘The Goose Game and the Practice of Staying with Each Other’ is a collaborative race game. It is designed as a playful exploration on how to cultivate a compassionate approach to governance and decision-making, to empower and care for each other within collaborative work practices.

We twisted and tweaked the rules of the children’s board game ‘The Goose Game’ in order to address some unresolved questions, recurring ambivalences and impending uncertainties an art collective faces in creating a common breeding ground for future endeavours with a creative and game-based approach. 

How can we be working and caring across different countries, schedules, time zones and species? What can be the meaning of care not only within our projects, but also in the way we treat one another? How can our artistic practice be empowering but also create safe spaces of belonging? And last, but not least: How can we sustain within the pragmatic boundaries of economy and the cultural sector to thrive as a collective, to be relevant and make an impact?